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        Frequently asked questions

        Q..What hours is the store open?

        A..For Sales currently 24hrs.

        Q..Do you send internationally?

        A..No...I have only just opened and I need to learn and create...later maybe..but I need to establish my store and see if people like it. So a quiet start and lets see how it goes.

        Q..Do you accept commissions?

        A..Because of the time usually involved to make a large painting, the cost involved are a turn off for most people. I will consider them, I don't usually take them on.

        Q..What are Giclee Prints?

        A..Giclée printing is high quality printing process incorporating a greater range of tone and colours, giving a luxurious deeper colour experience. Usually these colourfast inks have a long life of at least eighty years.

        Q..Are your original paintings for sale?

        A..Some are for sale, you can contact for price enquiries.They have high price tags hence these beautiful prints have been presented for your pleasure.

        Q..Do the prints come with C.O.A. ( certificate of authenticity ) ?

        A..The C.O.A. is sent seperately for the Giclée 'print only' version.You will be asked to leave your address when you purchase. For limited Edition prints, the C.O.A will arrive with the Print. The same will apply for the Framed Limited Edition prints.

        Q..Do you sign the prints?

        A..For the Giclée 'print only' version, , I will sign the C.O.A. that you receive separately by post . I think that's a personal connection with the buyer so I can say thankyou. For the Limited Edition Giclée prints I will hand write everything on the margin beneath the image on the actual paper, the number, title, date and a very nice pencil which I will use only for this purpose.

        Q..How long will it take to create and post my purchases?

        A..As you will appreciate I will attempt to keep a check on times, and inform you of any changes . Hopefully nothing will be like covid again, when everything took weeks and weeks, fingers crossed we are leaving that drama behind us. Obviously it takes a tiny bit longer for the signed print as I have to receive it, sign it and post it out at my lovely post office. And longer for the gorgeous framed works which will be made by a long standing family firm who's clients include Tate Liverpool, so you are in very good hands with Phil and Laura, they know all there is to know.

        Q..Do you run Gaymunkyartjunky alone, is it all your work?

        A..Yes, its all my artwork. I am or have been mainly a painter of large canvases. But throughout my time as an 'artist' I've branched off into humour or colour or oddness, boldness or just plain cuteness. We are all multi facetted, nobody is mono , well nobody I know. I have been very sad and I've been singing in the street and in love and out of it and everything in between. So I am just a person attempting to give himself permission to express himself while trying to cut out the noise of the 'negativity' that so often accompanies being gay or just creativity in general. I mean, were you ever encouraged in education to follow a career 'being in a band' or fine art or dancing or musical theatre or video art or animation. Brilliant if you had encouragement but your genius has probably taken a knock or two in your school years. Hooray if you came out smiling. So yes, I am 'Mr GayMunkyArtJunky', I hope you like it and have only tiny complaints if any at all. Patience please, I will do my best, I only want you to smile.

        Q..Are these works available in any shops or on other platforms?

        A..At the moment these Unique Delicacies are available only from GayMunkyArtJunky, so if you see them anywhere else , just run up to whoever  is selling them and shout "You Cheeky Munky, They're Not The Real Deal You Tea Leaf!! " and run away very fast. There are naughty people everywhere, Karma may deal with them, maybe.