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        Printable download collection, A GIFT IDEA.

        Printable download collection, A GIFT IDEA.

         Digital downloads, JPGs not prints. I've been exploring and have come up with a range of 'different images'. I like them and I thought they could be an economic way of purchasing something 'different' as a gift to yourself or a friend in this mad world at this expensive time .

        The download is low cost, it's a jpg sent to you by email after purchase. You can then print it at home or get a good quality inexpensive print from a print shop. A frame maybe to finish it off and you could have a great gift idea for approx £10-£14 'ish, depending on the size you have chosen to print .

        You will receive a hi res jpg ( print quality ). The file/jpg size prints up to A3, the ratio is approx 7:10 ( a bit confusing) max A3 uk size, which is approx 11 inches x 16 inches or 29 x 42 cm. So you can print A6, A5,A4 and up to A3, and all sizes in between at the same ratio. Hmmmm headache? hope not. Try a black n white copy first , a test for detail ? 

        Its a rectangle, thats easier, almost 2:3 ratio, aaagghhh, now I'm starting to confuse myself. Anyway, you can see the shape. size, I've worked on them so fingers crossed you are happy with the result.

        There are lots of youtube videos on how to download a jpg etc, you could also forward the jpg by email straight to the print shop after a quick chat on the phone no doubt. You just have to decide on the size you want.

        Maybe you have a frame already that will work. Ikea or Wilkinsons or The Range etc all have frames at reasonable prices. Does all this make sense????.......hooray. This is a test to see how you like it, my little world of downloads. Fingers crossed. Or print on thin card and pin to your wall, panel pins fairly trendy.

        I know other art people sell all kinds of ratios and sizes, even I got confused looking at all their numbers so I thought  let's start simple , so here we are. I can expand on offerings once it becomes a more casual experience in my head. For now they only come in this size ratio, thankyou for understanding.